SHOU products
are inspired by
high fashion
and fine art.

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SHOU - in Chinese means hands.
Each hand has five basic element, those are God, us, others, water and oxygen. Since God as our creator has already creating us to be completely unique, in return we maximize those uniqueness and be productive. It is now become our best purpose to re-create, produce more of humane creation that can touch other people’s lives thru our hands and offer work opportunities here in SHOU. We include the importance factors of life that come from water and oxygen as to preserve those for a prolong life and health.

SHOU is born as bridge between the world of design production and demand by local and international handicraft market. By creating job opportunity for blue-collar worker, handy crafter or bag makers all over the small city of Indonesia, SHOU is completing its vision to be small part taker for improving the smallest portion economy of Indonesia. Our mission are collaborating both Asian and Western culture from nature into 4D concept of design to be uniquely functional and highly recognized by the local and international world standard of design.

SHOU products are inspired by high fashion and fine art. Based on Rubin Rahardjo’s - owner of SHOU - love of the finer things in life, SHOU create unique pieces that are meticulously crafted in limited quantities. Each piece is designed and structured to the smallest detail with fine materials, and scrupulous craftsmanship to achieve a couture uniqueness. SHOU uses only the highest quality embellishments and apply them meticulously by hand. Every mark, every line on every piece is hand drawed by Rubin. Each bag is an original piece of artwork. The clothing is targeted towards customers who appreciate the finer details and intricate designs.

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